Image of C011-Industrial-Compressor

Dependable, High-Performing Industrial Refrigeration Compressors

Emerson has the expertise needed to address today's increasingly complex cooling applications with Vilter™ Products. Tonnage requirements, client specifications, and space restrictions can vary significantly from application to application.  However, the need for a refrigeration system that will minimize operating costs and maintain vital process temperatures is standard.

From initial design and engineering to product assembly, Emerson's standards of craftsmanship combine tradition and technology.

Unsurpassed Performance with the Single Screw

The Vilter single screw compressor is a rotary, positive displacement compressor which incorporates a main screw and two gaterotors.

These three fundamental components rotate and complete the work of the compression process. The rotational axes of the gaterotors are parallel to each other and mutually perpendicular to the axis of the main screw.

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