Food Retail & Grocery

Food Retail & Grocery

We’re helping grocers meet consumer demand for fresh, premium quality foods while keeping operating costs to a minimum.

Ensure Freshness, Reduce Waste and Improve Efficiency

As a consumer-facing link of the cold chain, food retailers are tasked with maximizing food quality and minimizing food waste. Many of you are also stating corporate sustainability objectives that are driving new energy efficiency targets and the evolution to more eco-friendly refrigeration.

Emerson is helping food retailers achieve their varied and unique operational objectives while growing profits.

Food Retail/Grocery Products

Pioneering Natural Refrigeration

Pioneering Natural Refrigeration

By transitioning its stand-alone refrigeration displays to R-290, Whole Foods Market is making the natural refrigerant a cornerstone of its refrigeration strategy.

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Based on insights from recent research, consumers will continue to shape new retail formats through 2025.

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