ProAct™ Monitoring Services

2 million connected devices, 1 customizable solution to optimize, sustain, maintain and care for your food and business.


ProAct™ Services for Retail and Foodservice

Supermarkets,  convenience stores, mixed retail, foodservice, commercial building and refrigerated storage – we’re there with ProAct Service around the corner and around the world. We’re your team of global experts protecting your hard-earned gains and identifying new improvement opportunities – even while you get some well-deserved rest. That’s the core of the ProAct™ service promise. We’re working around the clock, across your business, to expand the success you’ve earned.

Make fast, informed decisions with mobile alerts

Every minute counts when protecting perishable products and food service equipment. That’s why ProAct Services now offers the ProAct Alerts Mobile App, with real-time critical alerts, associated history and status information to save time, reduce maintenance costs and safeguard food.





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