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Introducing Site Supervisor

The complete facility control

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Site Supervisor - the Complete Facility Control

Site Supervisor for Small Format is a simplified, flexible facility control platform giving retailers powerful control over key store systems. Optimized for C-Stores, Pharmacies, Mixed Retail Stores and Commercial facilities, Site Supervisor manages refrigeration, HVAC, lighting and other critical equipment and systems. It collects and analyzes data, generating key performance indicators, allowing operators to quickly improve customer experience, protect food safety and enhance sustainability.

Why Site Supervisor?

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While powerful and feature-rich, Site Supervisor is still easy enough to use at the local levels. Site Supervisor gives store managers and service technicians enterprise-level visibility to systems and equipment through a simple, intuitive interface. 


Optimized for small format stores, the local manager-friendly user interface makes it easy to determine current conditions. When needed, authorized users can access temporary overrides effortlessly.


Site Supervisor is optimized for use with Site Manager 16.2 and can also seamlessly connect to Emerson’s ProAct™ Services to diagnose alarms, resolve problems, and maintain systems.


Key Benefits:

  • Intuitive Navigation:  Easy to use with no special training for day-to-day operation. Familiar processes, icon-based navigation, and common tool bars on wall-mounted, desktop or mobile device.
  • Priority Actions: Highlights the information needed for action and resolution. Priority alerts are visible in red for easy recognition, visibility and action.
  • Fast Response: Managers and servicers can act quickly, with detailed information available instantly in convenient drill-down screens
  • Mobile Optimized: Access and operate from anywhere. In addition to wall-mounted and desktop control, authorized user can access on phone or tablet.
  • Secure Data: Options to manage locally, on your network or through the Emerson cloud.​

Key Features:

• HVAC control, lighting control, door monitoring

• Refrigeration monitoring and control 

• Remote access via standard web browser

• Automated alerts for “out of tolerance” conditions

• Access to data logs and equipment performance information

• Real time and historical alarm notification

Site Supervisor Sample Screens

ProAct™Services and Monitoring

ProAct™ Services

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