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The comfort in knowing Emerson is there.

Confidence comes from knowing your reputation is in good hands; that you have the stability of an industry leader by your side; that they’ve been in the game for 125 years and they’ll be around for a whole lot longer. That’s the comfort you feel when you recommend Emerson, because you know you’re working with the best for your customers and your business.

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Own the Cooling Season

This year we’ve added extra product categories to the cooling season program to save you more.  We are committed to providing the marketing support you need to own the cooling season.

We will help you cross reference from Competitive, White-Rodgers and OEM products in both PDF and online formats.


Choose proven winners. Choose Emerson.

At Emerson, we’ve used our years of experience and engineering excellence to deliver innovative solutions unlike any others available on the market. And the numbers prove it.

Our best-in-class cooling controls provide universal solutions with unmatched system protection and reliability.


Best protection against moisture and debris

 Every system needs protection from the damage that debris and water can do.

To keep systems running at peak efficiency, choose the EK Filter Drier for the best filtration available in the marketplace.


Best performance on the market

You can be certain to have the thermostatic expansion valve you need regardless of manufacturer, with the TXV Connect Kit.  This universal kit includes everything you need in one box, whether you’re replacing a TXV or upgrading from a fixed orifice on an AC or heat pump system.


Best versatility with the industry’s only universal defrost control

The Universal Heat Pump Defrost Control from Emerson replaces virtually all single-stage defrost controls, so it not only reduces the inventory you carry but also provides versatility and simplicity.


The only completely sealed solution to keep out ants and debris

If you live in a warmer climate, you know the problems that come with pests. Many service calls are due to a bad contactor-- and once a failure occurs, it is likely it will fail again if the contactor isn’t sealed.

PROD-WR-Cooling Controls Machine

Superior support starts with Emerson

The White-Rodgers mobile app provides cross reference information, a sizing and selection tool and pressure/temperature conversions that helps make installation quicker and easier.

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