ProAct™ Energy Monitoring and Targeting

You must measure asset performance to manage it—that’s why we created a service that uses meter-level data to monitor energy in real time.  


Understand your energy use 

The smarter way to save energy

Our Energy Monitoring and Targeting service tracks inconsistencies in your energy performance that trigger notices, warnings, or alarms so you can take immediate action. Smart, virtual metering and automatic, web-based reports ensure you have all the information you need to make informed decisions while reducing consumption and cost.

Energy reporting includes: 

Exception Report  

  • Set alarms based on predicted values from regression analysis 
  • Receive notification via email/SMS 
  • Define different actions for different days, meters, etc. 

Day Comparison Graph 

  • Compare across sites or individual meters 
  • Compare against the previous date 
  • Compare all days or select specific days to see effects of changes 

Base Load Analysis

  • View graph of base load to identify when changes occur. 

Monthly Charges Report 

  • Choose from standard or customizable report templates 
  • Create schedules for automatic email distribution 

Regression Analysis 

  • Analyze energy usage based on selectable factor (degree days, CO2, etc.) 
  • Acquire basis for creating energy exceptions and alarms 

Load Factor Analysis 

  • View maximum demand and load factor for a range of days 

Flip the switch on energy consumption

From store temperatures to refrigeration and HVAC setpoints, an advanced energy monitoring system could save you thousands toward the cost of consumption.    

Your customers are considering your consumption

Addressing your energy efficiency needs and ensuring food safety is important to your retail reputation and can help you retain loyal, energy-conscious customers.   


See how ProAct products can keep your customer satisfaction high and your operating costs low.


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