ProAct™ Demand Response

It’s time for a smarter way to generate energy savings. 

Protecting the environment and your bottom line.

Our demand response program allows you to easily maximize your energy savings by reducing your usage when demand on the power grid is high. At Emerson, we can analyze your situation, identify potential and help you implement shed logic into your existing controllers. 

Demand Response

Why Demand Response?

Our energy specialists and engineers will ensure that you’ll be able to cut costs and earn incentives all while maintaining a consistent and comfortable environment for your customers. In addition, our Demand Response Monitor grid will keep you updated with status and schedule info 24/7.

Demand Response

Food for thought…

We put our demand response program to work for a 167-store regional grocery chain. With just a slight upgrade to their facility management system controllers, we helped them generate $250,000 a year in reimbursements.

Taking part in our Demand Response program can lead to significant savings. For example, a retailer with 500 stores could save up to $300,000 a year just in incentives. 

And we’ve made taking advantage of our Demand Response program as easy as possible by offering: 

  • Infrastructure audits to ensure load-shedding strategies are developed with best practices. 
  • Overseeing controller firmware upgrades and programming. 
  • Ensuring all refrigeration, lighting, and HVAC are fully supported for demand response. 
  • Monitoring applications that integrate with Site Manager and offer near real-time shed event kW feedback. 

Demand Response

Why cutting costs and improving efficiency through an energy management system makes more sense than ever.


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