ProAct™ Condition-Based Maintenance

Routine maintenance may reveal malfunctions that are too far gone to repair. Protect your investment by maintaining your equipment when it needs it.

Reduce equipment maintenance cost and food waste by detecting problems before they arise. 

Predict problems to protect your equipment

We’re dedicated to helping you lower energy and maintenance costs, protect food quality, and meet all your necessary compliance requirements. 

Our Condition Based Maintenance capabilities provide data that will allow you to analyze automated equipment performance to ensure everything is working properly, and to predict failures undetected by routine maintenance. 

Getting ahead of equipment maintenance

Condition Based Maintenance utilizes equipment sensor and control data to understand the expected equipment performance and compare it against actual performance. Unusual conditions can be identified and sent directly to you for decision-making. Or, many leading retailers rely on our experts in the ProAct Service Center, who can analyze information for you, suggest specific actions, and even dispatch your servicers if you wish.


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