ProAct™ Alarm Management

Prevent food loss, protect your customers, and optimize your operation with a comprehensive, cost-effective remote monitoring system.

Learn about the remote monitoring service designed to manage all your alarm events at once.

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Alarm Management

The info you need, when you need it.

Our Alarm Management service works in conjunction with most control systems to create and prioritize alarms and provide valuable data and analytics for decision-making, reducing your maintenance costs and protecting your shopping environment. Web-based alarm reports are generated automatically so you have the insights you need to make informed decisions storewide. And with our ProAct Mobile Alerts app, you can receive, track, and manage alarms from anywhere.

  • Get customized responses to facility, refrigeration, HVAC, environmental, and other alarms.
  • Safeguard food quality with temperature monitoring and extend the life of fresh foods with environmental control.
  • Receive, prioritize, and analyze equipment and system alarms from connected devices.
  • Optimize profits by reducing food waste and loss, eliminating unnecessary maintenance and improving staff productivity.
  • Benefit from multi-vendor (BAS) support and outlier assessments.

The price of supermarket food safety

On any given day, the average supermarket has over $300,000 worth of meat, dairy, seafood, and frozen foods in its cases. If equipment fails and alarms aren’t being monitored, your store risks losing valuable merchandise, as well as the trust of your customers.


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