Our recycling programs make it easier to return GO Loggers and Trackers for proper battery and component recycling.


GO Green and GreenSense™ recycling programs facilitate the return of the GO Trackers and GO Loggers for proper recycling of batteries and components. PakSense and Locus Traxx temperature monitoring devices will continue to be accepted through these programs.


We provide eco-friendly return boxes and pre-paid return postage labels free of charge for GO Loggers and PakSense temperature recorders. The recycling program is free and fully managed by our staff.


Unlike traditional temperature monitoring devices, customers can fit hundreds of our loggers in the provided box, taking the hassle out of returning recorders for recycling. All GO Loggers and PakSense labels are RoHS compliant and 100% lead free. They take up less space and have a lower carbon footprint than competing temperature recording devices. Plus, they take less energy to ship to customers and less energy to ship back for recycling.


We’ve made recycling easy. Review the step-by-step guide. Contact the GreenSense recycling team to enroll.

GO Green

GO Real-Time Trackers and Locus Traxx GOs can be recycled through GO Green. We encourage material recycling to reduce waste and conserve resources. This program offers incentives to recyclers, so contact the GO Green recycling team to get started today.

Enrollment and Questions

GreenSense enrollment and questions: call 208-489-9010 or email


GO Green enrollment and questions: call 1-561-575-7600 or email

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