Monitor temperatures in stationary areas such as storage and processing facilities, walk-in coolers, freezers, and cold cases.

·         Automatic email/text alerts

·         Graph overlays/mapping

·         Automated reports

·         Incident reporting and audit trail

·         Saves time

·         Centralized cloud data storage

·         Add-on to outbound program

The AutoSense Facility cold chain monitoring system collects and stores temperature data in centralized cloud-based storage where alerts and compliance reports can be automatically generated. 


Continuous Visibility

The same gateways used in facility monitoring can be leveraged as part of your outbound temperature monitoring program providing continuous visibility of your supply chain. All gateways include a battery backup in the event of a power failure.


On-Demand Facility Mapping

Fixed wireless sensors are installed at monitoring points throughout the facility and communicate with the gateway at predefined intervals. All data is uploaded to the cloud from which on-demand facility mapping can be done.


Minimal Network Impact.

The system is easily installed, upgradable, and expandable. It utilizes cellular communications as well as radio frequency (RF 915MHz) communications so impact to existing network systems is minimal.

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